Homelava Brand Crystal Chandleier - The princess of lighting fixtures

Crystal chandeliers are popular for their elegant appearance and their mesmerizing sparkle. We often call them the princess of lighting fixture. 
Homelava offers an exquisite collection of crystal chandeliers.
Apart from colourless crystal chandeliers, we also offer crystal chandeliers of various colours.
1. Cognac Color Series
Cognac/clear crystal chandeliers are much more universal and they can fit into interiors of various styles and colours.
Cognac Crystal Chandelier - Dance of Romance
 2. Golden Color
 A great way to inject style and personality into a room is by hanging a gold chandelier. Gold is the color of success, and crytsals symbolize purity, they make a perfect match.
3. Silver Color
Netural crytal chandeliers with silver colored metal are the most universal. Silver color is not so prominent and the chandelier also seems to be clearer than the chandeliers with golden colored metal parts.