• By Hannah
  • 2019/03/09

This is the second one we had from Homelava. It is beautiful and works very well. Homelava is amazing!

  • By Dilbert
  • 2019/03/05

It is beautiful, no noise! I would buy again.

  • By Anjali Sachdev
  • 2018/12/03

This is a great faucet, I've had it for a couple of weeks, no issues. No installation problems. LED lamp is working well Great for the price.This facet is awesome we really love how well it works. It was easy for my husband to install.

  • By Mary Ann Whitson
  • 2018/11/17

I like it! Works great looks great and great price

  • By johnny driggers
  • 2018/10/05

It's a nice looking faucet. Fairly easy to install although the directions weren't very clear.

  • By Andy Eliasinski
  • 2018/09/30

Very good for the price !! Works perfect.

  • By G. Hester
  • 2018/09/23

Quality, contemporary, and easy to install. Will purchase again!

  • By Jeff
  • 2018/09/11

Great Faucet, all water lines that came with this came fit perfectly on my supply lines! No leaking anywhere.

  • By Maritza
  • 2018/09/11

Works and look excellent. Install is easy.

  • By Hary
  • 2018/07/03

Glass broken, got a replacement from homelava.

  • By RPS
  • 2018/05/18

This faucet is very nice and solid for the price.

  • By Steve Summers
  • 2018/05/07

I love the way it looks and it works beautifully. I

  • By Calvin Harvey
  • 2017/07/18

Loved my faucet, I will order my future faucets at homelava.com.

  • By Calvin
  • 2017/05/22

Easy to install, great looking faucet for the money!

  • By James Mandela Gar
  • 2017/03/14

Great looking faucet. Only took me a few minutes to install. The hardest part was getting the old faucet off.