• By Roger Eriksen
  • 2018/12/10

Great product for the price, can't wait to install it!

  • By Clover Agnello
  • 2018/11/28

Love it! If you want to have a rainfall shower head, this is a must have accessory

  • By Silly pants
  • 2018/11/07

I am loving my new shower head. It has a big head and shows the interchange of colors based on how hot your water is. Awesome product!

  • By Colleen Kessock
  • 2018/10/14

These lights are an absolute hit with the children and add some colour and fun to my bathroom. Order was exactly as advertised and of good quality. Very simple to install.

  • By Dodie Routon
  • 2018/10/03

My bathroom lights up at night. Beautiful...

  • By Karen
  • 2017/01/26

Loves the colors and the different head settings are great too.

  • By Jason Pickett
  • 2016/12/21

It was been working great for a couple weeks now. Nice selection of water patterns.

  • By Jack
  • 2016/10/12

This is a great showerhead. And I am picky about them. The colors make it fun..

  • By Breter
  • 2016/08/21

Love it ! Like the water color change with temperature indications.

  • By Alicia
  • 2016/06/07

Pretty neat to have. I feel like I'm wasting less water now。

  • By Dora
  • 2016/01/16

All the guests love it and 2 friends already purchased the same one!

  • By Alessandro
  • 2015/07/11

This is a unique showerhead, Kids love it.

  • By aldo
  • 2015/06/27

Omg I just renovated my entire bathroom and love the shower head. Friends love it says its o cool the rain shower feels great Love it

  • By Glenn
  • 2015/05/21

the shower head have an excelent finish and design and a very good price

  • By Gillian
  • 2015/05/17

Really cool product. Makes shower stand out.

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