• By Alexa Zion
  • 2019/03/24

Fantastic shower!!

  • By Randy C. Graham
  • 2019/03/07

Beautiful! This is a solid shower fixture.

  • By Acon
  • 2019/02/11

Initially I was scared that I made a mistake buying this online, but it looks okay.

  • By Ramona
  • 2018/11/28

Love my new bathroom rain shower feature, looks amazing. Have recommended to my kind neighbor.

  • By Nahir Gil
  • 2018/11/06

love the rain shower

  • By Abdullahi guled
  • 2018/10/25

Comes with all parts. I think it'll be better if it has a tap.

  • By Ursula Mitchell
  • 2018/10/21

I love the rainfall feeling when showering!

  • By shaun mymudes
  • 2018/09/27

Not a bad product. Easy to install. Finish looks pretty nice.

  • By tpingpin
  • 2015/06/06

very good quality! will only be able to set it up when my place is ready. But i must compliment that the delivery is really efficient and the item is in good condition.

  • By Thanos
  • 2015/06/04

Very nice quality. Really heavy. I like it a lot!

  • By giannismartion
  • 2015/05/07

Very good quality.Beautiful design ,smooth surface.

  • By Khurram
  • 2015/04/18

A great product. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it

  • By lisatyler20
  • 2015/04/12

I love it, it is absolutely beautiful. Quality is AAA & so was the service, packaging and delivery. Thank you very much

  • By thefullmonty
  • 2015/02/24

Have not completed install, but the product was as advertised and seems to be good quality construction.

  • By Jean
  • 2015/01/09

I received the package in perfect condition. This antique brass tub shower is beautiful. I highly recommend this product.

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