• By Joseph J Closson
  • 2018/12/15

Great quality shower head , keeps good water pressure and changes colors.

  • By Candace Madillio
  • 2018/11/28

works great, everyone always compliments it.

  • By Jerry & Shannon
  • 2018/11/17

The colors are bright enough to shower with the lights off. Beautiful color changes. Love it.

  • By Kellie Lynn Art
  • 2018/10/23

I love that I can easily set my water temperature by the color. We enjoy the different settings.If it comes with the bar, it'll be better.

  • By Hun Gopher
  • 2018/10/06

I love this shower! I help my Mom with her showers and she likes HOT water. If she turns up the water hot enough to turn it red, she knows she has to cool it off a bit. It is a major safety issue, and this shower sure helps me feel better!

  • By Brenda Musia
  • 2018/09/23

this is the coolest shower head ever! everyone wants to turn on my shower to see the lights change ha ha. is nice when i'm warming up the water...if its red, its probably too hot but if its green...just right.

  • By Cristina Koval
  • 2018/09/18

Gave this shower head as a gift. Recipient said it was one of the best gifts she had received. Shower is some distance from the hot water heater and she only has to watch the light colors to know when the hot water has reached the shower.

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