• By Samar Ahmad
  • 2017/10/25

This pillow case is gorgeous! I got it for sensory play for my kids and several other people have seen it and ordered it for gifts.

  • By Heike Muster
  • 2017/10/03

I got two of these pillow covers and they're cute :) they're not perfect, but for the price, not bad.

  • By Wafaa Sobhy
  • 2017/09/22

The pillow covers are beautiful, I have ten I have them in my living room and family room . I was surprised how you can make your own design. I love love love them Thank You.

  • By Casey Fahey
  • 2017/08/24

I bought these to use as a decorative item for the bed. My husband and I love these as we write little messages to each other to find when we go up to bed. Highly recommended.

  • By Matthew Morgan
  • 2017/07/23

Please don’t be like me and not read the title, this is only the pillow case 😆. Super loved it!

  • By Rosana Vivar
  • 2017/05/08

I ordered this for my niece. It was perfect!

  • By Greg Murray
  • 2017/03/09

Daughter love it...just hope it lasts.

  • By Sarah in Onalaska
  • 2017/02/18

Just what I wanted! Beautiful and fun to draw on.

  • By AMatos
  • 2017/01/30

Gave it to my niece for her Birthday. She absolutely loved it!