• By Ian
  • 2019/01/03

Beautiful reversible sequin cushion covers. They are exactly as described. Sequins can be ‘brushed’ to change the colour and make patterns.

  • By Burble
  • 2018/11/25

In different lights, it looks ...different.

  • By Caracal
  • 2018/06/08

No insert.

  • By Manon Mada
  • 2017/10/24

Excellent pillow cover. The whole family enjoys playing with this and it was well worth the purchase for it's fun entertainment value.

  • By ZoZa Ahmed
  • 2017/10/15

Please don't be like me and not read the title, this is only the pillow case 😆. Super loved it! Great hit for my 7 year old niece. Her 10 year old brother also loved it and us adults find it soothing. Get one!

  • By David H. Eisenberg
  • 2017/09/21

There is something very therapeutic about running your hand over the case to change colors. My 4 year old grandson played with it for over an hour while we watched a Disney movie. Considering the price, we've already gotten our money's worth.

  • By Arthur Mingo
  • 2017/08/29

I love this pillow that matches our room and bedding perfectly. It’s fun to write and do designs on the sequins.

  • By Tom Haman
  • 2017/08/14

Super shiny, well made, and a blast to play with :D gonna get this for all my friends.

  • By Silke Spingies
  • 2017/07/29

This pillow case is amazing! I was a little worried about the quality since the price and was so low, but it is actually really well made!