• By Larry D. Arne
  • 2018/12/15

The shower faucet works great, I do wish that the colors looked classier though, or i I could set it on one color.

  • By Francis Broadbent
  • 2018/11/22

Gorgeous, luxurious, and elicits so many compliments from guests!

  • By Sasha Penton
  • 2018/11/16

Have you ever been excited to show your new shower faucet? That's how I feel about this faucet, it's gorgeous, and the led light brightup my bathroom at shower time!

  • By Danielle Vallejo
  • 2018/10/27

We love this shower head the lights are bright and the high pressure is very relaxing

  • By Deborah A. Gonzales
  • 2018/10/12

it's a fabulous price, and a beautiful unit. The changing color is amazing, wish the water had a bit more pressure.

  • By Jim Morris
  • 2018/09/14

Excellent product. Simple to install and it works.

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