Homelava Custom Interior Design Program

We all  want to be proud of our home. Many people think that working with an interior decorator is expensive.  It doesn’t have to be. 
Homelava built our custom interior design program in 2016, we provid FREE design for your house here.  Our professional designers all have years of experience in house decor. Products(lights, curtains, paintis....) we use to design are all based on Homelava products which you can easy buy from our online website directly. In this way, lots of money and time can be saved.
Homelava promise that the design for your house is absolutely FREE,  it also varies in styles depending on your will.
Follow the steps below to get your custom design: 
1. Fill out the design questionnaire. Emai us : info@homelava.com
2. Share your Pinterest or Houzz links with images that inspire you - can be interiors, vacation places, objects, and tell us what inspires you about these. It will help us come up with a highly personalized design that reflects you and your style.
3. Take photographs and measurements. This part is easier than it looks! We'll send you a great guide on how to measure and photograph your space. 
4. We'll start design upon your approval.
5. It will takes me about 3-5 workdays to complete your design. 
6. Receive your design and start purchasing and decorating at your own pace! 


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