Rustic Antler Chandeliers Adds Uniqueness toYour Home


        Antler light, by definition, the light made of antler. After well designed, it can be make into defferent shapes and different light types, shuch as antler chandelier and  antler wall light. Among them, rustic antler chandelier is the most favorable.     The antler lights first became popular among the medieval aristocracy at a time when the animals were hunted for food and sport. Nowadays we have pay more and more attention to animal protection. The practice of killing animals for their antlers and furs was replaced with the more sustainable method.   So todays' anther lights mainly made from resins.People who love animals don't have to worry about the lovely deer’s antlers would be hurt. Real antler chandeliers are too expensive, we would prefer to purchase cheap imitation. Resin antler light will be the best choice as it is more durable and attractive. It also provide us more colors to meet our house decoration, white, black, antler color. Rustic Antler Chandelier
Rustic antler chandeliers come with candle shape bulbs add unique countryside feel to our house, nostalgia is easy to be inspired. For people who living in the city, the antlers brings a natural simplicity of rural life and exotic luxury for them, which other lights may not. For room decoration, it would be the most suitable for room Bohemian style and European classical style .