• By Calvin Harvey
  • 2017/07/18

Loved my faucet, I will order my future faucets at homelava.com.

  • By Calvin
  • 2017/05/22

Easy to install, great looking faucet for the money!

  • By James Mandela Gar
  • 2017/03/14

Great looking faucet. Only took me a few minutes to install. The hardest part was getting the old faucet off.

  • By Tommy
  • 2017/01/18

It is bigger that I thought but is really beautifull

  • By Mark M. Moeller
  • 2016/11/28

Everybody is amazed by the nice look on my bathroom sink with this faucet, no batteries needed highly recommend this product.

  • By Troy M
  • 2016/09/12

Absolutely love this faucet.Everyone who see's it are amazed. It gives a great "modern look" to our remodeled bathroom. Price was reasonable, and it works as advertised, turning different colors as water temperature changes. Easy to install,We are genuine

  • By Michael Hewitt
  • 2016/06/24

That's faucet is excellent light write up with water pressure changes colors as expected.

  • By Timothy
  • 2016/04/14

Love the color changing faucet. Great way to start the day.

  • By Maurice
  • 2016/02/12

Super cool faucet!

  • By Sandra
  • 2016/02/12

Absolutely LOVE these facets! We installed them in our master bath and powder room.