• By Barbara Hoehler
  • 2018/11/23

Lovely item with led lights.

  • By Jeff Sorenson
  • 2018/11/12

Much better quality than I expected for the price. The faucet was well packaged. Install was simple.

  • By Stephanie Hansa
  • 2018/10/15

Purchased for commercial use. Looks good, easy install. Now I just need to see if it holds up to the chefs heavy use.

  • By ellen rhodes
  • 2018/09/18

I loved it! The changing colorful light adds joy to my life.

  • By Dayton
  • 2018/08/06

Easy to install and a nice touch to my kitchen faucet upgrade. It works great too.

  • By Kendra
  • 2018/08/02

This is a very fine faucet for any kitchen.

  • By gavan
  • 2018/06/05

wonderful and the price is great!

  • By bondy
  • 2018/03/11

It's a well made good looking unit and the seller is fantastic.

  • By Greg
  • 2018/01/20

Easy to install. Looks and functions perfectly

  • By Alexandra
  • 2017/11/16

We're using this for a small bar sink. It is very well made.

  • By Beverly Games
  • 2017/10/26

This is a very high quality faucet. The water pressure that comes out of this is great when you need a little power behind the water too. I couldn't be happier with this replacement faucet.

  • By Marie Gonzales
  • 2017/10/13

This is a really well made faucet. All metal.

  • By George Martinez
  • 2017/08/27

Amazing faucet! We wanted a designer faucet for our new kitchen.

  • By Jerry Wilson
  • 2017/08/16

This product works as advertised. All the required parts were included.

  • By Melissa Jenkins
  • 2017/07/27

Using this faucet for about 4 months now and I am in love with it. It has clean and simple good looks.