• By Alexandra
  • 2017/11/16

We're using this for a small bar sink. It is very well made.

  • By Beverly Games
  • 2017/10/26

This is a very high quality faucet. The water pressure that comes out of this is great when you need a little power behind the water too. I couldn't be happier with this replacement faucet.

  • By Marie Gonzales
  • 2017/10/13

This is a really well made faucet. All metal.

  • By George Martinez
  • 2017/08/27

Amazing faucet! We wanted a designer faucet for our new kitchen.

  • By Jerry Wilson
  • 2017/08/16

This product works as advertised. All the required parts were included.

  • By Melissa Jenkins
  • 2017/07/27

Using this faucet for about 4 months now and I am in love with it. It has clean and simple good looks.

  • By Gregory S Bostic
  • 2017/07/15

Beautiful faucet. Very sturdy and great quality. Water flow is great and install was easy. We love it!

  • By Felicia Banys
  • 2017/05/11

Extremely high-quality faucet. Could not be any happier.

  • By Kate Dowden
  • 2017/03/28

Amazing quality, sturdy and responsive

  • By El Groovo
  • 2017/02/11

These are nice small water faucets that change colors

  • By Hello Beautiful
  • 2016/12/20

I don't know how long the light last, I hope a long time because I love it and even gave one pack to my neighbor

  • By Commander Drone
  • 2016/10/26

Children of all ages love this. And it gives a nice strong spray for cleaning. The darker the room the neater it is. Your grandchildren will love it!

  • By Jim Murphy
  • 2016/09/21

These get so many compliments by visitors to the house. And im impressed that 3 months later they are still working great!!!

  • By Eugene
  • 2016/07/15

I love this faucet it was very well made ,good quality and i love the wall mounted design

  • By Ruben
  • 2016/06/17

This is a very nice looking contemporary faucet.This faucet has a very pretty nickel brush finish to it which is exactly what i am looking for once we get my kitchen remodeled.