• By Karen
  • 2017/01/26

Loves the colors and the different head settings are great too.

  • By Jason Pickett
  • 2016/12/21

It was been working great for a couple weeks now. Nice selection of water patterns.

  • By Jack
  • 2016/10/12

This is a great showerhead. And I am picky about them. The colors make it fun..

  • By Breter
  • 2016/08/21

Love it ! Like the water color change with temperature indications.

  • By Alicia
  • 2016/06/07

Pretty neat to have. I feel like I'm wasting less water now。

  • By Dora
  • 2016/01/16

All the guests love it and 2 friends already purchased the same one!

  • By Alessandro
  • 2015/07/11

This is a unique showerhead, Kids love it.

  • By aldo
  • 2015/06/27

Omg I just renovated my entire bathroom and love the shower head. Friends love it says its o cool the rain shower feels great Love it

  • By Glenn
  • 2015/05/21

the shower head have an excelent finish and design and a very good price

  • By Gillian
  • 2015/05/17

Really cool product. Makes shower stand out.

  • By Jab
  • 2015/03/21

Super awesome! Love it so much.

  • By Michelle
  • 2014/09/21

Awesome quality. Nice & heavy feeling.

  • By Ginny
  • 2014/08/27

Absolutely love this shower head - everyone who sees it wants one

  • By Ed
  • 2014/07/04

Having the right item at a fration of the price, just a finger tip away and worth every penny.