• By Heidi Adams
  • 2017/08/03

Needed new bathroom lights and these are perfect. Super easy to install.

  • By Tom Burke
  • 2017/06/28

Easy to install, the light color is clear with good color rendering.

  • By Anna Pietraszek
  • 2017/06/06

This lights are bright and very easy to install. I believe I will order more for closets and laundryroom.

  • By Gloria Montenegro
  • 2017/04/22

Exacty what we wanted for the kitchen. Extremely bright, easy to install. Very attractive!

  • By Suman Raj
  • 2017/03/20

Feels cheap when holding it, but who cares on the ceiling? Great light output and finish.

  • By Brooklyn Babe
  • 2017/02/15

Worked great in my small kitchen, definitely bright enough!

  • By Cindy Chollet
  • 2017/01/17

These lights were incredibly simple to install. They give good strong light, especially for their size.

  • By Marina Frapa
  • 2016/11/09

These new LED lights seem to be the way to go especially when an old fixture needs to be replaced. Relatively easy to install, low profile, nice looking, and plenty bright. Plan on replacing other older fixtures with this model.

  • By cesar prieto
  • 2016/09/23

very bright now will have to wait to see if they hold up.so far so good.

  • By Jurgen Ersilia
  • 2016/08/12

This is really a fantastic light, replaced an old ceiling light fixture above the kitchen sink, Easy install.

  • By Dante
  • 2016/06/04

I liked this light fixture so much I ordered a second one. They both look great and give out a lot of light.

  • By Vicki
  • 2016/05/07

Arrived in excellent condition and in record time

  • By Reggie
  • 2016/03/09

This light works fine, and doesn’t look bad.

  • By Mauricio
  • 2015/06/18

I was more than pleased with the brightness and ease of installing it, which is why I ordered this one.