• By Dina DaNdOon
  • 2017/09/04

Absolutely love this light.This light looks great, and was very easy to install.

  • By Tina Lavoie
  • 2017/08/26

I’ve had these a couple of weeks now and couldn’t be happier with them.

  • By Hector Heco
  • 2017/08/14

Gives great light and look fabulous. Great buy for a good price. Thanks very much ...

  • By William Brown
  • 2017/08/07

Wow! It is bright! Installed it in a closet and it is almost too bright! Easy to install.

  • By Martin Radicsh
  • 2017/07/12

A great light at a great price. I had a bedroom that only had a switched outlet. Plenty of light for a small bedroom.

  • By Pappy Ezra
  • 2017/06/20

This light fixture is Great!!! Very bright,it was dark now it lights up very nicely.

  • By Ross Keesling
  • 2017/05/24

Easy to install,has a simple look but very bright when turn it on.

  • By Bethany Paterno
  • 2017/05/11

The flush mount is too bright,attracts many mosquitoes.

  • By Andres Camilo Salazar
  • 2017/04/29

Simple but modern,at a great price,I would like to recommend.

  • By Jen Cauthern-Allen
  • 2017/04/20

Great light, very bright. Relatively easy installation.

  • By Jayes Studio
  • 2017/03/06

I bought it for the bedroom and it works great.

  • By Elly Fox
  • 2017/02/15

Perfect light for our hallway. Great look and build. Easy to install.

  • By Pam Hart
  • 2017/01/26

It is very light and easy to install. It is a bright white color and has a nice modern look.

  • By Henry Dugas
  • 2016/12/18

Nice LED lights that work great as replacement for old ceiling lights for hall or closet.

  • By Lynn Hollister
  • 2016/10/09

This was awesome! Easy to install and gives great lighting.