• By David Cannizzaro
  • 2017/04/21

This chandelier is exquisite and looks much more expensive than it really is!

  • By Le Chelsea
  • 2017/03/23

This is all glass and it’s just a beautiful chandelier. It has to be put together but when installed and finished it is well worth it.

  • By Billy Joe
  • 2017/02/26

Great fixture for the money. have patience to assemble but worth the sweat!

  • By JRook
  • 2017/02/03

Absolutely Georgeous. Unbelievably beautiful!!! We put it in out master bathroom. It's just perfect!!!

  • By Elizabeth S. Snyder
  • 2016/12/18

So beautiful, I love it and will make under the Chandelier our special dinner eat in some nights with family.

  • By Colton G
  • 2016/10/21

I read the reviews on this chandelier and they are all right! this chandeliers is so gorgeous.

  • By Teri Thoreson
  • 2016/08/10

Looks great in our guest room. Not that hard to put together as some have mentioned.

  • By Candy
  • 2016/06/01

Absolutely gorgeous!! Home going through complete renovation and I think this sets the tone for the direction. Have it hanging from high ceiling in my foyer and I think I'm in love!

  • By Jewe
  • 2016/02/18

LOVE the way it looks.

  • By Henry
  • 2016/01/16

This was a little time consuming and hard on the eyes to put together but it looks fabulous! Love it with the other chandelier that I purchased.

  • By Rex
  • 2016/01/12

Beautiful!! Installation took time though.. But definitely worth the effort'

  • By emily
  • 2015/06/05

Hello, I just want to check that the colour of the crystal is clear with no tinge of colour? It looks like there is a tinge of pink in the pictures for this product. Can you please get back to me asap. thanks!

  • By Inna
  • 2015/05/02

We got this chandelier very quick. Unfortunatly, the package was not enough for glass and some parts was chiped and damaged. I contact with customer service and they send all pars asap. The only negative commentfrom my husband about assembling. It takes a lot of time and patience to connect it. But after all this problems you have really GOOD result!!! We really like it! Look good, very classic and modern in the same time.You have use this chandelier for any style of design.

  • By ncfooks
  • 2015/04/22

awesome light - bit tricky to put together, but worth it!

  • By Aaron
  • 2015/03/27

The chandelier looks pretty nice, putting it together is not as fun as it could be, you will have to dedicate an afternoon to it, but you will be pleased with the results.